Sunday 27 January 2013

Queers and Religion - Bent tv

A few months after BGBC was published in 2012, I went to Melbourne to do some media work around the book. One of the interesting gigs I got to do was appearing on Bent tv which did a special episode on LGBT people and religion. Bent tv is Melbourne's queer television station. 

With me were fellow guests, good friend Rev Joy Etwell, Julie Leder and Michael Barnett. Hosting the show was Remy Scholten. It was lots of fun and even though we didn't get time to discuss issues in depth, we did get to touch on some important issues like the one so many gay people ask: 'why on earth do you stay in religion after so much hurt has been done to LGBT people by the religious community'?

You can watch the episode here or click on the YouTube icon and watch full-screen. I hope you enjoy it. And do share it around if you think it will help others you know. 

Pax et Amor - Stuart

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