Friday 9 November 2012

Talk Show - Gay Talk Tonight 1 & 2

Recently I was in New Zealand to do some promotional work for Being Gay Being Christian. I did some interviews, some public speaking and had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a documentary on same-sex marriage - more about that in a future post. It was quite an exciting time I can tell you. 

Gay Talk Tonight Host - Andrew Whiteside
While there, I had the happy opportunity of appearing on Gay Talk Tonight, a net-based talk show hosted and produced by media whiz and film-maker Andrew Whiteside. Gay Talk Tonight is a forum where, in a small interview of about twelve minutes or so, guests are interviewed by Andrew on all manner of subjects related to living freely as as a gay person. And so I felt it a huge honour to be asked to appear and to have my story and the story of BGBC alongside such an illustrious lineup of people. Andrew asks all his guests at the end of their interview the same question: what makes a happy life? It was great to be able to offer a few thoughts of my own on this.

Andrew is a such a professional and his interviews are always interesting. You can click on the following title to go to his webpage where you will find many other interesting people in the same short format. I encourage you to have a listen.

Gay Talk Tonight  

Below you can find my own interview. Andrew has generously placed much of our hour together in two parts; something he normally doesn't do, so a real honour. Both are about twelve minutes each. They are here on the BGBC Blog, on the above link of course, and on YouTube as well (under the title of Being Gay Being Christian). If you watch them here, you can watch them as you see them on YouTube and best of all, you can also re-size them to fit the whole screen. I hope you enjoy these interviews, and please, if you know someone who might benefit from watching, do pass this blogpost around.

Part 1

Part 2

Pax et Amor - Stuart

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