Friday 25 October 2013

Stephen Fry Meets Ex-Gay Therapist

You've maybe read what I have had to say about reparative therapy in the book or you may have read what I have had to say in the the three posts Ex-Gay - Not The Way. If you haven't, I urge you to do so. In the video below, take a look at the wonderful British actor, comedian, quiz-master and all round polymath Stephen Fry who travels to the United States to visit Dr Joseph Nicolosi, one of the founders of NARTH and who purports to offer cures to gay people for their sexual orientation. It's a fascinating 10 minutes, compelling and illuminating.

Stephen Fry Meets An Ex-Gay Therapist

Pax et Amor - Stuart


  1. We were told that we were bad parents before having our son diagnosed as AD/HD. Easy to be labelled as "bad parents". Yet our other children were perfectly "normal".

  2. Thank you JH for your comment. Yes it is true, the ex-gay therapy movement, whether it is on the therapist's couch or in a Christian ministry, routinely traces the origin of gay sexuality to a deficit in an individual's formative years, caused by some kind of trauma. This so-called trauma is often off-loaded onto bad parenting, usually an over-protective mother and an emotionally absent father. The research does not bear this out, nor does simple observation. Think about all the millions upon millions of heterosexual people in the world whose mother was vigilant and protective and a dad who could have done better in the communication department. Silly! The ex-gay movement does a huge disservice to vulnerable gay people and also to parents the world over by proffering this kind of psychological explanation. It is wrong and it is mendacious and it wastes people's time, energies and money where they could expend the same in self-acceptance and learning to live a fulfilling life as a gay person.

  3. Hello Dr Stuart I have just read your book and loved it. I am a Chaplain and a coordinator with Pflagcapricornia in Rockhampton/Yeppoon. For the past few years I’ve been researching Gay Theology and Christianity. It is very upsetting as here in Central Qld there is a lot of homophobia. In the churches it is just ignorance from a lack of understanding about LGBT people. Clergy and church really need to be informed on this subject. That being gay is not a choice or sin and that it is from birth. A Uni student here has been interviewing me and it will be going on youtube soon. Though we need to get to a further 4 sessions for about 10 minutes each. Out of my 4 sons one is gay and he waited until he was 24 to come out to me. I suppose he was concerned because of my faith. He left the church when he was about 18. Though I agree with most of your book I have learnt that LGBT people account for about 10% of the population. Where as you mention 5%. You write that you could have sex with either sex and I have learnt that this is Bi-Sexual. So that confused me a bit.

    A wonderful resource is DVD ‘Prayers for Bobby’ a true story of a young gay guy in America who suicides. This took place in 1980 but the movie is 2009. Sigourney Weaver plays the mother and she was nominated for an Oscar for her role. This is an amazing movie and focuses on the fundamentalist church which Bobby’s family was involved with.

    Other books that I have read are “Prayers for Bobby” Leroy Aarons (true story – and quite different to the movie). ‘Opening the Door” by Shelley Argent pflagbrisbane. Also other books that Shelley has written.
    “Brain Sex” by Moir & Jessel
    Is the Homosexual my neighbour? A Christian perspective. By Scanzoni & Mollenkott
    Christianity must change or die by Spong
    On Being Gay. Brian McNaught (Catholic Gay Christian)

  4. Hi Ann. Many thanks for your kind comments about my book and telling of your own journey with LGBT issues. I often tell people that it is the personal connection with somebody gay in their life that starts them on their own journey away from heterosexism and homophobia in a similar if not exact journey that we gay people have to traverse. I am glad my book has helped you in your quest to get yourself educated on these matters because as you will read elsewhere on this blog, I am a true believer in the power of education. Prejudice can only thrive where there is ignorance. I have done interviews in your part of Queensland and I know many of the attitudes are hard and rusted on, but knowledge and truth do win out, so I encourage you to keep on persisting and being supportive. The other books you mention and of course the wonderful Prayers For Bobby are all great resources and the movie is quite outstanding. So, once again, a big thank you to you as I offer my best wishes for you and your family.