Friday 9 March 2012

Interview with John Cleary on Australia's ABC Local Radio

In this blog post, I am placing my interview with veteran religious broadcaster John Cleary on Australia's ABC Networked Local Radio program Sunday Nights. This was broadcast on 4 March 2012. Here is some information about John and the program from the ABC website:

John Cleary is a veteran ABC broadcaster and one of Australia's best-known commentators on religion. In his 30-year career with the ABC he has worked extensively in both radio and television, but is known principally for his association with Sunday Nights on ABC Local Radio and The Religion Report on ABC Radio National.

John began his career in Perth, was one of the original Compass team on ABC TV and a co-presenter of the philosophy program, Meridian, on Radio National in the 1990s. For several years, John also appeared in a regular slot on the ABC youth network JJJ.  His 1992 book on the Salvation Army in Australia was awarded the Christian Book of the Year.

In 2008, John was host of the interfaith event held by the Catholic Church in conjunction with World Youth Day and the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. John is in high demand as a conference moderator and speaker.

Sunday Nights is unique in the field of religious broadcasting. This four-hour program, broadcast on networked Local Radio across Australia and Radio Australia as well as digital radio and internet streaming, provides highly topical, wide-ranging and interactive coverage of issues of religion, ethics, spirituality, values and social issues.

The program is bracketed by talkback - a topic-based discussion with expert guests in the first hour, and a more general chat about issues of the day in the final hour (the One O'clock Chat Room), with a rotating list of specialist commentators.

In the second hour, from 11.00 pm AEST, John goes deeper on important issues with an extended interview with a significant person in the program's fields of interest, from Australia or overseas. Authors, politicians, religious leaders, academics, musicians and artists are among the people who have appeared in this segment. Often they are asked to select some favourite music tracks which can open up intriguing lines of questioning.

Click below to listen:

Pax et Amor - Stuart

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